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All projects were carried out by our specialists without the involvement of contractors.
Home cinema
Home cinema "Filino"

Cinema in modern style with karaoke for a large family.

The project received 2 professional awards.

City: Moscow

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Presentation with examples of completed projects

Equipment for cinemas

80% of equipment, electronics and furniture in every cinema hall of our production. Thanks to this, customers receive premium home theaters
Acoustic panels
Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are designed to create a comfortable environment in home cinemas, listening rooms and studios.

Our company offers ready-made acoustic panels and draft acoustic materials in sheets for hidden installation (behind a cloth).

Acoustic systems
Acoustic systems
Front, rear and ceiling speakers provide immersion in what is happening on the screen. Realistic sound at different volume levels: from shots and explosions to rustling leaves and a needle falling from the table.
Cinema armchairs and sofas
Cinema armchairs and sofas

Created on the basis of Italian recliner mechanisms.

  • Two motors for backrest and leg support
  • On request can be equipped with USB chargers and other accessories
  • Any finish to choose from: genuine leather, Italian alcantara, fabric and embroidery.

Home cinema in one cabinet

A magnificent picture on a huge three-meter rising screen and impressive surround sound from the built-in speakers and subwoofers!

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Width - 3015 mm

Depth - 725 mm

Height with folded screen - 600 mm

Height with screen extended - 2330 mm

Acoustic system

High-quality audio-video receiver Dolby Atmos, which is the heart of the system.

Allows you to process all modern sound formats and fine-tune the sound specifically for your room.


Epson EH-LS800B, providing 4K resolution - 3840 × 2160 pixels and supporting HDR.

Brightness reaches 4000 lumens, contrast - 2,500,000:1.

10-bit color representation is used with the ability to reproduce 1.07 billion shades.


ALR screen 120 inches diagonal. A modification with a wall screen is also possible, in this case the diagonal of the projected image increases to 130 inches.


We produce exclusive furnishings, furniture and acoustic equipment.
Site - 800 sq. m.
Production facilities are collected on one site - 800 sq.m. This allows you to control the construction of cinemas, in terms of the quality and timing of the implementation of each stage. Thus, to make unique projects on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS.
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About Us

The main advantage of our company is team of specialists with extensive experience. We are enthusiasts and fans of our business who pay attention to the smallest details.
Sergey Prokazin
General manager
Sergey Prokazin
In the mid-90s, he became interested in Hi-Fi and eventually founded the installation company DK-Design Studio. Private cinemas became the main activity of the company. Subsequently, DK-Design Studio became part of the Acoustic Solutions group of companies.
Valery Lysyuk
Technical Director
Valery Lysyuk
In the mid-80s he was engaged in the sale of the first Hi-Fi systems, and in the 90s he was carried away by the creation of multichannel home theaters. Designed and built the first home cinema in 1998. Acoustic engineer, author of a complex of unique show rooms for home cinema in the MMC-Cinema company from 2009 to 2015.
Zoya Prokazina
Interior designer
Zoya Prokazina
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Since the mid-90s, he has been designing interiors for residential premises and public spaces. Co-founder of the New Concepts design studio.
Alexander Rodionov
Construction Department Manager
Alexander Rodionov
In leadership positions in the construction industry since 1996.
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