Amplifier manufacturing

We use ready-made amplifier modules and power supplies from the leader of this market Hypex Electronics (Holland). We use Italian enclosures for amplifiers.

We independently develop and manufacture the necessary electronic harness: adapter boards for amplifying modules, triggers for automation, etc.

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  • Furniture manufacturing

    We produce sofas and recliner chairs for home cinemas using Italian twin-engine Motion mechanisms.

    In our chairs, the backrest and leg support can be adjusted separately.

    CNC machines

    The use of CNC machines allows you to make acoustic elements with the highest repeatable quality.

    On these machines we produce waveguides for acoustic systems, front and rear panels of amplifiers, enclosures of acoustic systems and subwoofers, complex diffusing and absorbing acoustic panels.

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  • Carpentry workshop

    Full production cycle: from sawing to painting, including piano lacquer.

    We produce finishing elements, speaker enclosures, acoustic panels and doors, and other complex elements.

    Experimental laboratory

    We test new technologies in the field of home cinema and introduce the best of them into production.

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