50 completed projects

The first home cinema was built and equipped in 1998.


Departments of design, construction, decoration and installation.

Own production

We produce exclusive furnishings, furniture and acoustic equipment.

10 professional awards

Among which: "The best home cinema project", "The best home theater interior", etc.

Advanced training of engineers

Passage of courses and industry international exhibitions (CEDIA in the USA, ISE in the Netherlands).

5 years of experience in a construction team

Specialization - construction of home cinema halls.

Our company

20 specialists who create projects from initial idea to equipment setup. We are enthusiasts and fans of our business who pay attention to the smallest details.
Sergey Prokazin
General manager
Sergey Prokazin
In the mid-90s, he became interested in Hi-Fi and eventually founded the installation company DK-Design Studio. Private cinemas became the main activity of the company. Subsequently, DK-Design Studio became part of the Acoustic Solutions group of companies.
Valery Lysyuk
Technical Director
Valery Lysyuk
In the mid-80s he was engaged in the sale of the first Hi-Fi systems, and in the 90s he was carried away by the creation of multichannel home theaters. Designed and built the first home cinema in 1998. Acoustic engineer, author of a complex of unique show rooms for home cinema in the MMC-Cinema company from 2009 to 2015.
Zoya Prokazina
Interior designer
Zoya Prokazina
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Since the mid-90s, he has been designing interiors for residential premises and public spaces. Co-founder of the New Concepts design studio.
Alexander Rodionov
Construction Department Manager
Alexander Rodionov
In leadership positions in the construction industry since 1996.

Received 10 professional

We participate in two annual competitions: "Best Home Cinema Project" - organized by JVC Kenwood and DIGIS Group; and "The Best Home Theater Interior" - organizers 360.Ru and MMS Cinema.
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