Stage 1/8

When designing, we take into account many details: the ergonomics of the seats, viewing and listening angles, the location of acoustic systems and lighting. We think over the air exchange so that you can stay in the cinema for a long time and comfortably.

At this stage, we are working on the connection of all subsystems: the location of equipment, sound insulation, acoustic panels, finishing, spectator seats, cable routes, etc.

The project is created in special programs in which engines, yachts and airplanes are designed. Finished project - more than 100 sheets of technical documentation.

Stage 2/8
Design project creation

We work on the interior space, select stylistic solutions and appropriate materials and furniture. On request, we can use exclusive materials for decoration: Eben Makassar, brass, mahogany.

So that you can clearly see what your cinema will be like, we create three-dimensional photo and video visualizations.

Stage 3/8
Acoustic design

We create a soundproof room envelope so that you are completely immersed in what is happening on the screen. For this, the walls, ceiling and floor are sewn up with a special multi-layer material. It absorbs excess bass, makes the sound cleaner, does not let sounds outside and outside the cinema.

Stage 4/8
Equipment and furniture manufacturing

In accordance with the project, we produce the necessary equipment and furniture. Thanks to our own production and development, we solve complex problems and satisfy individual wishes with a high level of quality and in a short time.

  • Sound-transparent screens
  • DSP Amplifiers
  • Armchairs and sofas Cinema Comfort
  • Acoustic panels
  • Cinema Comfort acoustic doors
  • Convergent Audio Speakers & Subwoofers

Stage 5/8
Room decoration

We produce finishing in strict accordance with the design project.

Our own teams of builders and finishers implement any idea for decorating a cinema hall.

Stage 6/8
Installation of equipment and furniture

Own installation department with over 10 years of experience. Equipment and furniture are installed qualitatively in accordance with the project.

Stage 7/8
Control system programming

Our own technical department develops the interface and logic of the cinema hall control system. The system allows you to control equipment and light without getting up.

It is possible to integrate the cinema into a single system "Smart Home".

Stage 8/8
Calibration of equipment

Image and sound calibration allows you to see the movie as the director intended. Calibration ensures the correct sounding of the audio track and realistic image transmission.

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