Moscow region, KP Berendeevo kingdom
34 sq.m.

Features of the project
and solutions

Cinema hall on the 1st floor of a residential country house

The design project was developed taking into account the fact that the cinema is located on the 1st floor, in the rear part of the hall there is a large view window and a glass door to the street. It was necessary to provide not only high-quality sound insulation from the rest of the premises in the house, but also to provide perfect darkening in order to exclude parasitic illumination of the screen from the window. Motorized curtains were installed, which are controlled from a tablet, and do not let in light.

Complex geometry of walls and ceilings

The original soundproofing shell and fine finishing were created. In the room, in addition to the glass two, 3 more soundproof doors were installed to the adjacent rooms.

Adjacent room for equipment rack

Next to the cinema hall, behind the wall, there is a server room, where a rack with cinema equipment was installed. Directly into the hall, for ease of use, only a disc player and a game console were taken out.


Lighting control is carried out using a 4-channel LUTRON dimmer, integrated into the general control system of the cinema, thus it became possible to create a variety of scenarios and atmosphere for the people in it.

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