Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Gorki 2
Cinema area
45.5 sq.m.

Features of the project
and solutions

Complex geometry of walls and ceilings

The original soundproofing shell and fine finishing in the TRON style were created.

No adjacent room to accommodate the equipment rack

In the back room, space was allocated and built for the installation of a rack with cinema equipment.

Features of the project and solutions

The client, a famous and creative person, asked to create an unusual cinema. Two projects were proposed - the blockbuster-style cinemas TRON and the STAR WAY. The main idea was to hide all the elements of the cinema: acoustic systems, subwoofers and even a projector, so that the room did not resemble a cinema in any way.

Lighting of the future

Designed and handcrafted RGBW wall and ceiling luminaires. The cinema hall now has the opportunity to create an atmosphere for any mood.

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