56 sqm
Moscow region
Additional exit from the cinema directly to the backyard of the estate

Features of the project
and solutions

Curved walls, relatively low ceilings for 3 rows of spectators.

The "construction" technology of the acoustic shell made it possible to bypass all the initial irregularities of the walls. The podium of the second level in the form of an island made it possible to move comfortably around the hall.

Large glass doors with access to the courtyard at the rear of the premises.

Blackout motorized blackout curtains, controlled from an iPad, solved both the acoustic and optical problem of the presence of large street doors at the back of the hall.

Elongated listening area.

The created array of side surround speakers made it possible to solve the problem of a long listening area, creating a uniform surrounding sound field in all spectator rows.

Difficulties in calibration: the server room is behind the wall, but the tuning cable was far from being pulled through the house.

A specially designed adapter from 4 balanced connectors of a Trinnov setup microphone to a twisted pair RJ-45 made it possible to pass the analog signal into the server room without any problems and calibrate the processor in the best possible way.

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