The most expensive home cinema equipment will disappoint the owner if it is not properly tuned. In this post, we'll take a look at six main goals to strive for in order to create the most accurate and cool-sounding home cinema experience possible.

I see, I see ...

The main character switched to an ominous whisper, and the others froze, trying to make out his speech? A home cinema room shouldn't be such a problem. Our first goal is clarity. Any sound should be clearly audible not only through the center channel. Every home cinema speaker should have this effect.

Critical Factors for Obtaining Clarity:

  1. Directional Speaker
  2. Acoustic design
  3. Working with first reflections.

The second goal is focus or focus. If a bumblebee flutters busily on the screen with a loud buzzing, then you should understand where it is, even with your eyes closed. As if this real insect is circling around you.

There are many things that affect focus, but the main thing is the choice of the same type or very close drivers. In the hall, you need to install the same speakers with the same speakers so that they sound as similar as possible.

Another factor is the opening of the high-frequency part of the speaker system. If the speaker has a wide enough dispersion, then sounds from it will be perceived less localized.


The third goal is called immersion, a sense of depth or atmosphere. If the main character of the film rushes forward on a high-spirited sports bike, then you should have the feeling that you are overcoming air resistance! Without getting up from a comfortable chair, of course.

The next, fourth, goal is a flat frequency response of the speaker system. If it is not tuned correctly and sticks out any range, it will automatically lead to unnatural sound of the characters' dialogues on the screen. This will destroy the atmosphere. And some formidable superhero can start lisping right at the most pretentious moment of the film.

Small to Large

The fifth goal is good micro and macro dynamics. The first allows you to hear well even the quietest sounds - whispering, crunching twigs or sounds in the distance. Good macro dynamics will come in handy when a firefight or a terrible thunderstorm with rolling thunder suddenly starts on the screen. If the speakers have not failed, then the volume drop will turn out to be quite clean.

And last but not least - even sounding in any part of the cinema. The hardest part at this point is adjusting the bass. In this case, you need to take into account that the larger the zone, the larger the subwoofers should be.

These are the secrets of a perfect sounding cinema. The loss of at least one of the goals can greatly affect the immersion in the atmosphere of your favorite movie or destroy the beauty of your favorite track.

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