32 m2
Moscow region, Zvenigorodsky district, k.p. "Velich"
Application of a high-tech modular acoustic enclosure.

Features of the project
and solutions

Low ceilings, a beam in the middle of the ceiling across the room.

Precise design allowed the projector to be positioned at the desired height and the widest possible screen. And the beam was delicately trimmed with wood.

Lack of adjacent space to accommodate the equipment rack.

A special equipment cabinet was designed and integrated into the acoustic enclosure, flush with the back wall.

Lack of space on the ceiling for ventilation grilles.

The ventilation grilles have been painted in wood color and elegantly fitted into the corner pieces (bass traps) of the acoustic envelope. Behind the first line of curtains, they are practically not visible.

The geometry of the room is not the most successful in terms of acoustics - a square

Installed 4 subwoofers in strategic locations to reduce the impact of standing waves on indoor bass

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