33 m2
Altufevskoe highway, village "New Veshki"
Two different audio systems in one room, 4 acoustic doors in one facility, materials advanced at the date of application of ZI

Features of the project
and solutions

Not a typical building structure - Canadian frame house

The applied "building" ZI-casing made of SurdoProfile and NoiseBlock materials made it possible to obtain sound insulation with an Rw = 58 dB index, which is 6 dB higher than that of competitors in the adjacent control room

Noisy boiler room behind the back wall

Acoustic boiler door with perforated panel finish and soundproofing pie on the wall solved the noise problem

The need to leave access to the window in the area of the screen

The area around the on-screen Baffle Wall was lined with removable fabric panels, incl. opening access to the window. To be sure in the level of ZI, a second double-glazed window was installed

Massive chandelier potentially in the path of the projector beam

Re-dimensional modeling of the room made it possible to correctly place both the speakers of the stereo system, and the screen descending next to them, and the projector at the required height without problems, so that the chandelier does not interfere with its beam

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