40 m2
Demonstration of the capabilities of the new line of acoustics for home cinema Ceratec ICE

Features of the project
and solutions

Large (60 m2) office space in the basement of an old building where 2 separate showrooms had to be built.

A self-supporting modular acoustic shell was used, the design of which was modified taking into account the limitations and characteristics of the room.

Lack of ability to attach to 3 walls and vaulted ceiling.

The ceiling is assembled with I-beams supported by the walls, and is not attached to the original flimsy vaulted ceiling.

The operating "old" showroom of Audiomania behind a conventional wall from the GKL.

Each of the surfaces of the shell is made of at least 4 layers of various sound-insulating materials, forming a closed contour of a "room in a room", the crown of which is an acoustic door.

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