Sound absorbing panels CrystalSound ™ base - combine unique sound absorbing properties and ease of installation. The products are designed to correct room acoustics, eliminate reflected sounds, adjust the reverberation time and level the sound field in the mid and high frequencies.
These panels are designed to work in home theater systems and in any room, where acoustical correction is required.
Sound absorbing panels CrystalSound ™ base designed to provide sound absorption in the frequency range 40-500Hz. The subscript in the element designation defines the center frequency on the sound absorption curve to which the element is tuned.

Panel sizes:

  • (600x600x50) mm;
  • (600x600x75) mm;
  • (600x600x100) mm.
  • Panels per pack: 5 pcs.

Practical sound absorption properties

The main acoustic characteristic of the product is the sound-absorbing efficiency α,%.
The sound-absorbing efficiency of the panel is ensured by the special acoustic foam from which it is made.
It is very important that it is possible to regulate the sound-absorbing properties of the product through the use of special front coatings and the installation method (relative to the installation surface) and the choice of the panel thickness.

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