The Skyline Diffuser Panel (Diffuser) is an easy-to-install solution for all types of acoustically treated rooms and has excellent sound diffusion properties.
Diffusers are suitable for use on small and large surfaces, both single elements and sets of several panels can be mounted to create additional design solutions.

CrystalSound ™ skyline panels are intended for multidirectional multi-reflections of sound (vertical and horizontal), they can be placed on walls or ceilings. CrystalSound ™ skyline “work” with high frequencies, making the sound clearer and brighter. Designed from high quality polypropylene, Skyline panels effectively solve problems such as speech intelligibility and musical intelligibility, and their unusual appearance is suitable for installation in almost any interior.

Panel size

• 600x600x110 mm.


Expanded polypropylene (BASF), which does not support combustion, and when exposed to flame, decomposes into harmless components (water and soot).

CrystalSound ™ skyline are available in black (dyed in bulk) and can be easily painted in any shade before installation.

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