Acoustic door Cinemacomfort”allows you to enjoy your favorite movies at reference volume levels without disturbing your family members, and will make your personal cinema truly quiet.

An acoustic door is an indispensable component of any type of soundproofing acoustic envelope of a cinema hall, because sound always finds the smallest gaps and easily spreads through them. So that the large and complex work on soundproofing the room does not go to waste, the installation of an acoustic door is a must.

Features of Cinemacomfort acoustic doors:

  • Soundproofing up to 50 dB;
  • Overall thickness: up to 140 mm;
  • Standard opening size: 2100 * 900 mm, custom sizes are also available;
  • Wedge-shaped connection, double sealing contour, hidden hinges, German fittings;
  • Internal filling - a complex cake made of soundproof materials (SurdoMetall, NoiseBlockPanel, Polyblock, NoiseBlock);
  • Classic or double dropdown threshold;
  • Inner surface of straight or curved shape (acoustic diffuser);
  • Environmentally friendly construction materials - solid wood, HDF;
  • Finish - natural veneer, varnish or enamel in RAL color.
  • Includes standard extensions, trims and latch. No handles.
  • Weight up to 120 kg.
  • Production of the Russian Federation. Production time: 40 days.
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